Larsen Lab Recent News

09/01/22 Welcome to new Postdoctoral Fellow, James Kenney, Ph.D.

08/12/22 Congrats to Joey Tavarez for winning a best poster award at the 2022 RNA Institute Summer bioinformatics program symposium!

05/02/22 Amber Altrieth completed the Future Faculty and Teaching Development Program (FFTDP) offered by the University at Albany Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership (ITLAL). Congrats, Amber!

05/02/22 Former Larsen Lab undergraduate, Gabriella Majka, was awarded the Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award for 2021-2022 school year. She graduated early in Dec. 2021. Congrats, Bella!

04/29/22 Congrats to Owen Zon on his awesome talk on endothelial cell isolation at the 39th Annual Department of Biological Science Research Symposium!

04/28/22 Collaborator Pujhitha Ramesh’s paper on cryoelectrospun scaffolds was published today in Biofabrication! Pujhitha Ramesh, Nicholas Moskwa, Zachary Hanchon, Adam Koplas, Deirdre A. Nelson, Kristen Mills, James Castracane, Melinda Larsen, Susan T. Sharfstein, Yubing Xie. 2022. Engineering cryoelectrospun elastin-alginate cryoelectrospun scaffolds to serve as stromal extracellular matrices. Biofabrication 10.1088/1758-5090/ac6b34. Advance online publication.

04/01/22 Nikhita Kumar is the recipeint of an award from The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement!

2/28/22 Nicholas Moskwa’s publication: “Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals PDGFRalpha Stromal Cell Subpopulations that Promote Proacinr Differentiation in Embryonic Organoids” was accepted for publication in Development.

1/1/22 Matt Jorgensen’s manuscript (graduate student in collaborator Yubing Xie’s laboratory) was accepted for publication in Bioengineering!

2/3/22 Amber Altrieth was awarded a SUNY GREAT award for her NIH F31 project identifying endothelial cell produced factors that may aid in salivary gland regeneration. These funds will allow Amber to participate in several upcoming conferences including AADOCR, Experimental Biology, and IADR, as well as the RNA symposium. It will also allow her to participate in professional development workshops and purchase necessary reagents to continue with her work. SUNY GREAT press release

2/7/22 Former graduate student, Nicholas Moskwa, Ph.D. started at the Jackson Laboratory as a Research Scientist.

1/10/22 Former postdoctoral fellow, Kate Tubbesing, started a position as a Resaerch Fellow at the Neural Stem Cell Institute.

12/15/21 Nicholas Moskwa successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Moskwa!

12/17/21 Undergraduate Gabriella Majka graduated with an Honor’s Degree from the University at Albany Honors college. Congratulations, Bella!

12/17/21 Undergraduate Samantha Bostic graduated from the University at Albany! Congratulations, Sam!

11/20/21 Nicholas Moskwa’s paper, “PDFGRα+ Stromal Cells Promote Salivary Gland Proacinar Differentiation Through FGF2-dependent BMP7 Signaling” was publisehd on BioRxiv

8/20/21 The University at Albany was awarded an NSF Advance grant: Project SAGES (Striving to Acheive Gender Equity in STEM) PI: President Havidan Rodriguez, CoI’s Edelgard Wulfert, Christine Wagner, Marlene Belfort, and Melinda Larsen. Read more:

Project SAGES webpage:

5/17/21 Undergraduate student Luke McGrath graduated from the University at Albany! Congratulations, Luke!

1/1/21 Former undergraduate student, Ayma Mahmood, joined the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as a pharmD student.

12/17/202 Undergraduate student, Sage Feminella, graduated from the University at Albany! Congratulations, Sage!

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